The Making of "Pity Party" // Collaboration

I've had the privilege to have worked with a lot of great people here in my home state of New Mexico. It is a lightning rod for talented artists of all mediums and crafts. Kevin Herig is one of those people. Founder of Rock 101 music camp and amazing singer/songwriter, we first met at the release of his first album "Give It All Away" in the Winter of 2013. I was blown away at passion in his songs and music. Music that meant something, conveyed emotion and raw energy. From that point on I knew I wanted to work with this cool dude. 

Fast forward a year, it was the evening of Wildewood's second album release (which I had the amazing opportunity to have my photos on the insert of their CD) and me and Kevin are talking about the prospect of creating a music video. We both wanted something simple, asthectically pleasing, and unique to what other's have shot here in Albuquerque. As with all my work I want my voice to come across, but also be in harmony with the artist that have so graciously chosen me to be apart of. I had been telling Kevin about my "philosophy" on moment. How a photograph is just a single moment. How what really interests me lately when taking photos is the moments that happen before and after "the shot." How could we convey that in a video? One way I saw that would be a technique was inspired by a video I had recently seen on Vimeo of this creative couple who shot their vacation in Paris all through the ground glass of an old Pentax 67 medium format camera. I thought this technique would be a perfect fit to showcase Kevin's music. 



I love my Hasselblad, I love the waist level viewfinder, the mechanical-ness of it, the familiarity of the buttons and of course the images that come out of it. I love seeing peoples faces when they hold it and look through it, I've loved the way it has changed the way I see the world. It has a soul all onto its own. 

Now with this video the first thing that needed to be taken care of was the building of a rig that would support the Hassie and a small video camera positioned just right to give the POV of that feeling of looking into this world we would create. I could have ghetto rigged something up but it definitely would have problems. Me and Kevin thought of all the handy wood working people we knew and we went to our friend Josh Stuyvesant. 

Go spend a day with Josh and get saw dust in your lungs. You won't regret it. 

Josh could have just nailed a couple of 2x4s together and I would have been happy but the craftsmanship that went into this simple rig was unmatched and I really would like to commemorate Josh on that. 

Here are some photos courtesy of James Drummond from the day of the shoot. A swell dude who is hardworking and very easy to work with. Top notch guy to have on any set. 

I think one of the most important things me and Kevin discussed is we wanted the video to have a laid back feel to itself and not take itself too too seriously. Both of us are not overly serious guys haha but we do take our crafts seriously. We wanted the day of the shoot to be a fun day and it was. Just a bunch of bros hanging out shooting a video. We were also blessed with the first part of the day with a great overcast sky that made shooting a little easier with the lighting the way it was. 

We finished all the shooting in a day. Which in itself, is a great feat. We ended with a lovely evening at dinner among friends. 

All that was left was hand the footage off to Shaandiin Tome, an up and coming filmmaker with amazing attention to detail and a gifted eye for editing. She is also coincidentally my girlfriend haha.

Lastly, we handed off the edit to the respected colorist Jesse Heidenfeld to color grade the project and give it life.

Also, we sent off the actually 120 film that was used in making of the portraits during filming. I had no idea what to expect but was happy that most of them came out great. Some are missed focus due the difficulty of focusing through two screens but the imperfections of film are what make it great. Here are the five rolls of film that were shot.

Was super stoked to work on this and look forward to working more with all the people involved in this video and process. More cinematic projects are in the works and the revamping and awakening of the Crash X Roll Productions is coming about. Check back next blog post.

Last but certainly not least here is the link to the video. Give it a look and check out the rest of Kevin's music at