Coming Up For Air // Taking Time To Breathe.

The last six months have been some of the most stressful and eye opening. But that is a whole other blog post. Taking some time off to catch my thoughts and live some life. Heading out on the road with the love of my life. Need some space between me and this crazy town to expand my mind and lighten my heart. Would love to return to the 505 with a few booked #analogportrait sessions as this beautiful fall weather is approaching.

Email me to set this up, put #analogportraits in the subject line:

Follow my instagram at @jesselittlebird for updates.

Other than that I'm turned off and eyes open to what the road has for us.

You know there will be photos from our experience when we get back. Taking only film cameras, besides the X100s which Shaandiin will be using. 

We'll say hello to mother ocean for you!

Check back soon,