Crash X Roll Film // #LCTR

A few years back my good friend James Harper painted on his bike "Lightning Crash, Thunder Roll." He was always writing random things on things. Haha. But this one stuck out to me. I've always wanted to make movies. Moving images that tell stories. Ever since seeing my father on the big screen as a little kid, I've felt this connection to storytelling and talking images. I remember as a child sitting through the thunder monsoons in Santa Fe. The crashing of the lightning, and that rolling thunder has a primal throbbing that goes into the heart of us all. It is this connection I made when I saw these words. Cinema is storytelling, primal and instilled in the heart. Images that spark emotion and thought are the lightning. I started making visual tellings that came to my mind later. Some personal to me and others that just looked cool. 

A few years later, it became sour to me. That connection was faint, I didn't see it in the work I now had put myself into. The struggles of life and the bickerings of too many cooks in the kitchen covered my eyes. I moved away from writing and directing. Letting others have their voice. Collaboration had left a bad taste in my mouth. I needed time to breathe and find what was lost.

Photography gave me that. Seeing films that excited me in the darkness of theaters rekindled the spark. After a little break from the writing and directing of a project very close to my heart. On this morning I set my pen to the paper again.

It gives me great pride to announce Crash X Roll Film is still very much alive and kicking.

I had said in the past that I was moving away from video work and this is still true in the fact that I'm not taking on many jobs for hire in regards to video. (Documentary work, weddings, promo, or to put it blatant: a camera for hire) 

That said, moving forward me and the ever changing crew are excited to shoot quality and creative music videos all while working on our main top secret project.

As of now the household crew is just me and Shaandiin Tome. Collaboration is what we're after.

If you are interested in collaborating or joining us on a project (paid gigs) contact me with the subject "Crew Involvement" at: 

We currently have two projects that need positions filled.

Be sure to list your experience, talents, influence, and interest.

Cheers to collaboration.