Wedding Photography | Creative Criticism

I had the opportunity to second shoot a wedding with good friend Eric J. Martinez in San Marcos, TX a couple weeks ago. It was a great experience for me and a lot of driving to reflect on the current state of my own thought process within the photography field.

For those of you that don't know, Eric has been a great influence in my photography in the sense he really made me push my limits technically and seek out finding a unique outlook in the creative realm. I don't think I would have the music photography portfolio I have today without Eric. Another thing I am grateful to Eric is his honest opinions and no fluff attitude. I came from a school of thought that criticism drives creation, how can we make something better than before if we do not receive honest criticism? Most people will look at harsh comments as being pretentious or prude, but I have always received these comments with more thought than compliments. People can lie to you in compliments but generally when someone tells you something is shit they are completely honest. I remember a time when I was still in school and Eric commented on a photo of mine, picking it apart and telling me everything wrong with it. I could have taken this with a "my shit don't stink attitude" but instead it inspired me to strive for better and get out of my comfort zone. Getting out of my comfort zone within photography is where I'm at right now. I often will try to make things physically harder to capture. Shooting a camera with out a meter or a film speed entirely too slow for the condition, only manual focus lenses, placing lights in angles that I know will be more difficult to adjust settings to. These are just some examples I myself am implementing to push myself and I wonder how others do so. 

In today's creative culture I think there is not enough honesty among peers, too much patting on the back for sub par work. It is a sinking feeling to be complimented on something you know you could have executed better. So my advice to creatives constantly putting work out is to pay more attention to the people who critique your work rather than the ones glorifying it. it will take you a long way. 

Below are some photos from the mini road trip me and Eric took to Austin. Thanks Eric for continuing to mentor me in wedding photography and I hope to make an impact in that realm soon. Included some of the wedding portraits that happened when the clouds literally parted after raining and overcast the entire day.

I would love some feedback and honest opinions. If you like them, hey thanks! ;) 

I also included some shots taken at Eric and his newly wed wife, Soraya's wedding in which I was beyond honored to photograph. 

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